Former Resident DJ Joel North was kind of enough to take the time to review the Anjunadeep 03 CD release mixed by Jaytech & James Grant for AscenDance Radio. Joel North is also currently working on a special upcoming project with AscenDance Radio which will be announced shortly. Here is his review:

Featuring stellar artists such as Martin Roth, Michael Casette, Andrew Bayer, Maor Levi & Solarity expectations were high for Volume 3 of the Anjunadeep series.

Fortunately, those expectations were met! In fact, the Anjunadeep: 03 album would make a great soundtrack for reading this review. You might even get the album first, then return to finish reading. You won’t be disappointed.

OK, a little more information first?

Anjunadeep has continuously impressed us with their releases. Now, can James Grant & Jaytech continue to meet standards set by previous Anjunadeep compilations?

Mixed by James Grant, Disc 1 of Anjunadeep03 begins with relaxing late-night vibes from Stephen J Kroos and Martin Roth. The musical equivalent of a massage! We soon encounter an updated mix of ‘Two Months Off’ from Underworld, also one of the rare times you’ll hear a vocal on this compilation. This vocal came as a surprise so early on, and the remix wasn’t mind-blowing. An easily forgettable track. Michael Cassette’s vintage sound is immediately familiar on the uplifting ‘Regatta’. Nearing the end of Disc 1, Matt Lange brings some serious emotion along with a pulsating bass line in ‘Rift’ creating a sense of anticipation for Jaytech who mixes the second disc.

As Embliss & Interplay get things going on Disc 2 you can feel that a rise in energy is near. PROFF delivers this with his luscious sounds on ‘Interstellar’.. and as if someone flicked a switch.. BOOM! Now we are really grooving! It’s all up from here! Answer 42 and Beckwith keep things lively… you definitely will have reached to turn up the volume by now! Suspect 44 brings another rare hint of a vocal, and what would a progressive compilation be without Dinka? Nearing the end, we’re treated to an awesome new track from Levente Márton aka Sunny Lax, taking on a more progressive sound for Anjunadeep.

Each and every song on Anjunadeep03 is carefully chosen. Similar enough to keep a flow throughout, yet each offers something unique. Anjunadeep03 caters to all EDM fans. It makes a great soundtrack for working or social gatherings, but that doesn’t take away from its ability to carry you on a musical journey should you sit and listen loud in a dark room.

It’s difficult to put this music into words, so to sum it up nicely: Is Anjunadeep03 worth buying & listening to? YES! The arrangement and flawless mixing really adds to the experience.

Anjunadeep:03 is full of quality, refreshing tracks, with little filler.

The choice was difficult, but here are just a few of my favourite picks:

Michael Cassette – Regatta
Kobana & Yane3Dots – All Those Loose Things
Levente Marton – Big Fat Kiss

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