Chris Dececio is a DJ, producer and a writer. This talented artist is the mastermind behind Bellatrax, and has taken the world by storm with hits such as “I Will Never Give You Up”, “I Can’t Help Myself”, “Can’t Hold Back”. He has also done remixes on tracks such as Kylie Minogue’s “Better Than Today”, Ferry Corsten’s “Whatever” and so many more. From the looks of it Bellatrax is not going anywhere but up! We had a chance to catch up with this dance music all star and here is what he had to say.

Bellatrax Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: First of all Chris, we want to congratulate you in your success. The past few years have been tremendous for you and it’s really great to get to interview the man behind the music.

Bellatrax: Thanks very much!

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re not only a DJ, but you’re also a writer and a producer. Is there anything that you don’t do and would like to take on? i.e. will you be doing any vocals? 😉

Bellatrax: Good question. I have no intention of taking on singing. Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna hear that. I have been getting into writing toplines for other artists though recently. I’ve just written a couple of things for EDX’s label in Switzerland for example.

Dayanna Guerrero: You were originally asked by Ferry Corsten to remix the song “Whatever”. What was it like for you when you heard the news that Ferry Corsten wanted you to do this remix for him?

Bellatrax: It was an honour to remix Ferry’s track. I was actually asked to do a trance remix under my trance alias Redd Square, but as I wanted to start up a new house project, I took the opportunity to do a Bellatrax remix as well. I was very pleased when I heard both of my remixes being played by Judge Jules on Radio 1 shortly after!

Dayanna Guerrero: You produced “I Can’t Help Myself”, “I Will Never Give You Up” and so many other great songs and remixes. What’s the process like on getting projects like this going and how long does it generally take you to get these songs finalized?

Bellatrax: My first Bellatrax single “I Cant Help Myself” actually took quite a long time from creation to hitting the radio. Possibly around a year. It doesn’t usually take me any more than a week or so to write and record a track, but then you have to wait for co-writer’s to write a good song for it, which may not be the first one that is written.  Recording the vocal is usually fairly quick. Then you have to find and choose a label if there isn’t already a deal in place. Then wait for remixes to be produced, club/radio promotion, then finally release. I am currently managing myself so I have to split my time between being creative, and handling the business side.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re a producer, a DJ, and a writer. Is there any particular job that you feel you tend to lean towards more?

Bellatrax: I love doing all three. They are all satisfying in different ways and gives me some variety. I get a real buzz when writing/producing a track in the studio when everything is working out and sounding good. On the other hand, I love seeing people enjoy music when I’m dj’ing at a club, especially if it’s something that I’ve made! That it a very satisfying feeling. I sometimes feel I can only truly express myself through music.

Dayanna Guerrero: For your song “Can’t Hold Back” you teamed up with Tina Cousins. Before this, she made a song with 4 Strings called “Curious” did you find out about her through this song?

Bellatrax: I knew about Tina since she had a hit record with Sash, called “Mysterious Times”. I bought a copy on orange coloured vinyl! With that track, I was actually sent the vocal first by a co-writer friend Tom Kent who had been working with Tina and had recorded it. So I wrote the track to fit the vocal. I love Tina’s voice on that track.

Dayanna Guerrero: You have a podcast that can be accessed free on iTunes, could you tell us more about it?

Bellatrax: Yeah I wanted to do a regular dj mix to showcase the best new house music around for anyone to download. It’s easy to find, just do a search for Bellatrax on iTunes.  I get sent a lot of good new music so if you want to be one of the first to hear new tracks make sure you subscribe!

Dayanna Guerrero: You’ve worked with Sophia May on “I Can’t Help Myself” & “I Will Never Give You Up“, both of which have been very successful. Is it safe to say that you will be working with Sophia May again?

Bellatrax: Sophia has a really nice voice and is a talented girl so I expect we shall be working on more in future!

Dayanna Guerrero: What sparked the transition from Redd Square, your trance alter ego, to the more house friendly Bellatrax?

Bellatrax: Mainly because I had fallen in love with house music and I wanted to make some!  I still love trance but I feel like the scene’s evolution has slowed down since it has gone so underground. Nowadays I can combine the things I love about trance and house into one style. For example I have written & produced a very melodic progressive house track called “World Keeps Turning” with a US artist called Sylvia Tosun that will be released very shortly so watch out for that.

Dayanna Guerrero: I read that you will be coming out with a remix with Jeremy Carr. Could you tell us more about how this came to be and when it will be released?

Bellatrax: That’s classified! Only joking, it’s likely that Jeremy and I will be collaborating on my next Bellatrax single. Jeremy has a great voice and is a talented writer so I’m looking forward to that collab. The best way to keep track of what I’m doing is by following me on twitter, facebook, and soundcloud. Just do a search for Bellatrax on each of them.

Dayanna Guerrero: So Chris, what can fans expect to see from you within the next few months?

Bellatrax: I have been doing quite a few remixes for major labels recently, so you may hear some of those out and about.  I would like to do more original tracks this year, so hopefully there will be at least a couple of Bellatrax and Obsessiv singles soon. My Obsessiv single with Sophia “I Will Never Give You Up” is at no.13 of the UK Upfront Club Chart this week so hopefully that will continue to grow.

Dayanna Guerrero: Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you the best for your career!
Bellatrax: My pleasure. Thanks very much

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