Today we debut our weekly chart of the Top 30 songs AscenDance Radio plays! We’ve gotten lots of feedback over the past few months from listeners who want to know what’s hot on our station. We think this a great way to show the world that we “Keep An Open Mind To Dance Music Of All Kind”.

The “AscenDance Radio Top 30” chart will be determined on the following criteria:

  • 5 Star Rating System
  • Feedback via. Email, AscenDance Radio line ((954) 603-3237), Facebook Page, Twitter, ADR Homepage Wall and Forums
  • Requests, regardless if it did not go through
  • Our judgment

As always, we’re open to feedback. Think we should do things differently, remove or add new features to the chart? Let us know! We’re just starting out charting music but we have the confidence this can be a huge success. We hope to make this yet another reason to look forward to Monday’s (Besides the weekly update of New Music we add); getting to see where your favorite songs rank and if they rise or fall in the charts.

Don’t forget every voice counts. Whether your tried of hearing a certain song or feel you don’t hear one enough, let us know. Your feedback along with a balancing act by us can turn this chart into the #1 source for dance music fans everywhere to see what’s hot not only on our station but in the genre itself.


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